Tsinghua University: A Hub for International Students?

Delving into the Global Hotness of Tsinghua University

Beijing based Tsinghua College is one such domestic advanced schooling institution that enjoys high repute world over as well. The University is focused on developing a global presence, as supported by its numerous programs and initiatives aimed at attracting students from all over the world.

Wide Variety of International Students

Tsinghua University has a large number of international students, from more than 100 countries across the world. There are 3,000 to 4,000 international students in any year, representing 10% of the student population in total This diversity offers students from all walks of life a more cosmopolitan experience, in turn opening up wider networking channels.

International Student Programs

It has a variety of programs in English which appeals to many international applicants.

Literally this means: Undergraduate Programs: Offer English-taught undergraduate programs (e. g., Mechanical Engineering, International Relations, Economics).
Graduate Programs: the university is quite popular for its graduate programs in Science, Engineering, Business and Public Policy which is available in English for international students.
Grants and Scholarships

In view of the economic hardships that obtaining higher education abroad may entail for international students, Tsinghua also grants a large number of scholarships to them:

Chinese Government Scholarship: Which includes tuition, Accommodation, Stipend and Comprehensive Medical Insurance.
Tsinghua University Scholarship: This award, which is intended for international students of outstanding ability, covers benefits similar to those for fellowships to foster academic excellence.

Cultural Integration & Support Services

Moreover, Tsinghua University offers inclusive student service infrastructures that will assist international students to accustom themselves to the new environment:

Orientation Program: Developed to highlight the major issues of the campus life and Chinese culture for the fresh customers.
Mandarin Levels: Mandarin lessons are offered for all students to support them with their daily interactions and academic endeavors
Career Support: Career support is another important factor for international students who are planning to launch their career while studying in China and Tsinghua, apart from that Tsinghua helps international students to understand the global trends of employment and relevant advice, both in China and abroad.
Collaboration and R&D opportunities

Facilities: Tsinghua is resourced with the research equipment and is constantly collaborating in research with institutions all over the world.

Research Centers-INDs- Deal with Global Concerns,Technology inputs and Sustainable Development
Global Partnerships: Tsinghua has formed various relationships with at least 100 universities worldwide to allow for joint programs and student/faculty exchanges.

Tsinghua University is like a shining light for the international students who want to get the higher education in an international style. Along with its holistic programs, generous academic support, and heavy emphasis on social integration, it is one of the most highly rated student country in the world.

Visit tsinghua university international students for further information about studying in Tsinghua University, such as how to apply and the campus life. In addition to providing a plethora of useful information, this resource also offers international students who are contemplating on embarking upon the exciting journey of studying at one of China's featured leading universities a wealth of information.

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